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Good Gossip Girl Icons

an elite gossip girl icon community

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Welcome to Good Gossip Girl Icons - a community for high quality Gossip Girl icons. The community is by invite only - that means you have to apply for posting access. When applying, we look at things like unique and creative cropping, gorgeous colors, great texture/brush use, excellent text skills and awesome effects.

Remeber this is Gossip Girl icons ONLY - that includes icons from the show, the actors, and the books.

01. Do not click the join community button. You must apply for membership. We will send you an invite after we have reviewed your application.
02. Please don't apply if you have no intention to post icons. You're welcome to friend this journal to keep an eye out for icons.
03. No requests, bases-only, or resources-only posts. There are other communities for that.
04. Please respect both the community and icon maker's rules. Be polite, and everything will run smoothly.
05. If you are posting more than four icons, please place them under a cut. Maximum of four teaser icons please.
06. Application rules can be found on the applications page.

gg_music elitegossipgirl gossipgirlelite xgossipgirl_ic leightonstills less_colour

Thank you.